New Construction
Single Family Homes/ Multi-Family Dwellings


New Construction

Blueprints and Bids
Let us know what kind of system you want - whether it be oil, gas, or electric - and we will provide you with a detailed proposal with competitive pricing.

Once Awarded the Project
Please note any changes our proposal and return a signed copy to our office. Our office staff will need some information from you to set your site up in our computer system.

Copy of building permit if your site is located in Anne Arundel, Howard, or Montgomery County
Street Address, including zip code and county
Style of House
Specification Sheet Noting Any Options Desired or MEC check if applicable
Resident's Name and Phone Numbers
Estimated Start Date of Rough-in

Job Foremen
Your job will be assigned to one of our job foremen for supervision. They will be able to provide their expertise and knowledge to ensure a quality installation.

When Scheduling Rough-ins
Please allow 4 days lead time
Be sure that paper is installed on the roof
Have the basement poured and steps installed
Prepare the site to meet OSHA Safety standards

Installation of Outdoor Units

Please allow 4 days notice to secure the outdoor equipment
Make sure the area is clear of snow and ice during winter months
Make sure the ground is level.

Prior to Calling in for Start Up
make sure the Gas and Electric is Supplied to the House
make sure the the Gas Meter is Installed with Tin Cap Removed
•make sure the Gas Piping to the Furnace is Installed (when CAK is not the plumber on the job)
make sure the Gas Piping Has Been Tested and Certified to be Leak Free
make sure the Gas Piping has been Tested for 2 lb Systems.
make sure the Furnace and Air Conditioning Unit or Heat Pump has been wired for High Voltage by the Electrician
make sure the Breakers are Installed by the Electrician

Thermostats and Start Up

Thermostats are installed at the time of start up.
At start up, our technicians will perform a thorough check of the HVAC

Winter and Temporary Thermostats

We have supplied our technicians with temporary thermostats which may be installed in the furnace if heat is required prior to start-up. Once installed, to get heat, make sure the gas is hooked up to the furnace and the air is bled from the line. Make sure the furnace has power. The thermostat is preset at 65 degrees and will come on at that time.


Howard County and Anne Arundel County require HVAC inspections at Rough-in and at Final.


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